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"I first started coonhunting in 1956 and got my first hound in 1957.  While I received my first Black and Tan in 1963, it was not until 1972 that I got my first registered Black and Tan.  I've been raising them ever since.  I was born and raised in Blanco, Texas; other than 3 1/2 years which was spent in the Army.

             Attended my first Coonhound Event in May,1967 where I met my wife (Diana). We were married in August,1969.

Bought my first registered Black and Tans from John McDonald.  Sent him a deposit in 1970 from Asmara, Ethiopia for 3 pups and picked them up on my way home from New Orleans in May of 1972.  I have kept the bloodline ever since.  All of my current hounds carry these bloodlines. On Blackburn's Amy papers (which is my next prospect), I am breeder on the top side for 14 generations and 13 generations on the bottom.

I have hunted in the Hill Country all of my life and these hounds are breed for trailing ability, independence, and accuracy.  I do not buy dogs, but take pride in raising the dogs that I hunt.  I prefer hunting a young dog and think that the dog you hunt should also be the dog you show on the bench."

James W. Blackburn

Email - james@blackburnsblackandtancoonhounds.com